Electrical thermography is a process used for the remote verification of the condition of various types of electrical equipment by means of thermal images from infrared rays.

Here are 2 examples of thermal images showing the real photo of the equipment and the corresponding thermal image :

Thermal image
Thermal image

One of the many applications of this technology is the highlighting of the release of heat by electrical apparatus. The purpose of this preventive maintenance is to prevent the deterioration or even the destruction of defective equipment. The main interest is to prevent electrical fires.  Terminals that are not properly tightened and defective protections that are heating up are immediately displayed with thermography.

Thermography can be used for a new installation or for maintenance on existing equipment. As the verification must be performed on an installation in normal operating state, it does not cause any production cutoff.

Our thermography system offers you a complete report of all data gathered during the inspection, including the following information :

  • A photo of the verified item as well as a thermal image for better tracing
  • A coloured temperature scale with data on the hottest points
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